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About us

The experience starts here 

Growing up near the countryside, surrounded by animals, including cows and horses, developed in me an intense love and respect for animals and nature. As the years went by, that love became a passion, which was what inspired me. guided me throughout my life and cemented what is now my profession, a rancher who loves his cows and horses, which have helped me explore the Ecuadorian Andes, to discover ancestral routes that were traveled for many years by the first chagras in the region, places full of history where you can feel an intense connection with nature and everything it can offer you.

Nowadays I am a part-time rancher, since much of it is dedicated to my other passion, being a great host, I love sharing with people, having the ability to show them the lifestyle with which I grew up, and that I have managed to take to a higher level, with Andean Luxury Experience, our cabins offer a different level of comfort, surrounded by nature, with the best view that the Mejía valley can offer.

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