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Traditional horseback riding

The best way to travel and get to know the Andean landscapes is on horseback, as the ancient chagras of the region did. Our horses are very tame, so it doesn't matter if they have experience or not, the important thing is to join the adventure.


Check here the best option for you: 

Horseback riding to the Rumiñahui Volcano

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Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty: Medium-High

A highly eroded extinct volcano, it is believed that its last eruption was 9 million years ago, it is part of the eastern Andes, after a 30-minute drive we will arrive  at the starting point, where The horses will be waiting for us for a beautiful ride, full of unforgettable landscapes, until we reach the volcano landmark, where we will have a rest before continuing with the return trip. 

Horseback riding to Coraz Volcanoon

Duration 6 hours.

Difficulty: Medium-High

The extinct heart volcano, which can be seen from the hacienda, takes its name from the "heart" shape drawn by two of its ravines on the northwestern side. The adventure begins 20 minutes from the Hacienda, we do the first sections by vehicle, in which we head towards the sector of the Umbría protective forest, where the horses will be waiting for us to start the ride, where they will travel through lands where they will have the opportunity to see wild cattle, until we reach the east face of the volcano where we will pass under the summit, the perfect place for a rest, and then continue our journey, descending through the Machachi train station until returning to the Hacienda.

Horseback riding to Cotopaxi National Park

Duration 3 - 4 hours.

Difficulty: Medium-High

The Cotopaxi National Park is a mandatory stop in the Andes of Ecuador.


The ride will take place from the north access to the park, from where they will ride in the direction of the pita river canyons, visiting the ancient ruins, and crossing through the area known as springs, the possibilities of spotting the different wild fauna along of the trip, together with the different landscapes of the parks, make this an experience on another level. 

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Horseback riding to the Hacienda San Carlos

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Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty: Medium-High

La Hacienda San Carlos, one of our allies, offers a 3-hour ride on exclusive trails for horses, full of landscapes.

Special horseback riding

Moon neck horseback riding

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Duration: 2 days, one night

Difficulty: Medium-High

Leaving from the Rumiñahui volcano to go down to the Cotopaxi national park, we will spend the night in Tambopaxi, inside the Cotopaxi national park, to continue the next morning towards the Santo Domingo lagoon, where a picnic of another level will be there for us. waiting. 

Top of the line horseback riding

Duration: 6 days, 5 nights

Difficulty: Medium-High

Day 1 El Rejo Ranch

Guests who choose their horse will be received and will take a familiarization tour around the Hacienda.

Night at Hacienda El Rejo

Day 2 Route Hacienda El Rejo- Rumiñahui (San Francisco) - Tambopaxi.

Tour 5 - 6 hours

Night in Tambopaxi

Day 3 Tambopaxi Route- Arenales del Cotopaxi- Springs- Hacienda los Mortiños.

Tour 6 - 7 hours

Night at Hacienda Los Mortiños.

Day 4 route Hacienda los Mortiños- Yanahurco.

Tour 6 - 7 hours.

Night in Yanahurco.

Day 5 route Yanahurco - El Tambo.

Tour 6 - 7 hours.

Night in the Tambo.

Day 6 Tambo-Pansachi route.

Tour 5 - 6 hours.

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